Super Busy at Home

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Things I am excited about


A Day alone today...Nick's mom is taking the kids so they can help decorate her tree...isn't that nice of her? She is always thinking of them that way and they love helping her :) So far my day alone is consisting of conducting an interview (gag), visiting our rental place to place our Christmas order, and cleaning. Doesn't sound like the most fun day for me but at least I'll be able to say I got a lot accomplished, right?

Wrapping Christmas gifts!!! At least the first 5...then it gets kind of boring

Christmas Day...we are having gobs of people over and I LOVE it!

Emma's Christmas watching that little girl sing :)

Getting our fireplace/media area finished! Nick has had his newly made shelves down to paint and tonight I think we get to put them up and get everything organized! I cannot tell you how excited I am about that part since everything has been strewn all over my dining room for the past month. It is driving me insane to have it cluttery around here! Plus one of Calvin's favorite things is to dump DVD's so I pick those up...a lot!

*Snow!* I think Imentioned that but it is snowing and I LOVE snow! Emma does too. As I was putting her to bed last night she said so matter-of-factly "it's going to snow tonight, Daddy told me." Love.that.girl.

Happy Wednesday!
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