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The Past Week in Winter Wonderland

Here we get something called Lake Effect snow...the snow coming off Lake Michigan has tons of water in it so it is heavy and falls in thick huge flakes. I love it now that I am a Stay at home mom with no where to go. Ah, how I love our life.

The children were begging me to make a snowman so....
ta-da! Our first snowman! It wasn't three ballish as much as just a giant heap of snow. But we're happy!
We've been drinking lots of hot cocoa...with a candy cane of course :)

And we've been playing army men a lot, excuse me "sarges" as Cal calls them. The aqua colored guy in the middle...he's an indian. Wrong group of guys but it works I guess :)

In other news we made it to the Nutcracker! We go to the Nutcracker every year. This was Cal's first year so we were a little anxious. We actually didn't know if we were going to get to go. First of all with Nick in the hospital we were holding our breath. I knew I could not handle two kids at the Nutcracker by myself. Secondly this is the first year that we were going to have to buy tickets. Where I used to work we used to get them for free and when I went to buy them I almost choked on my tongue they were so expensive. Yeesh. Luckily my amazing and sweet editor hooked me up with some likey, hahaha!
Anywho here we are getting ready to leave. You would not believe the amount of people who stopped and gawked over the kids. It makes for one proud Momma, but as I realized when talking to another mom, people just don't dress their kids up anymore and that's sad. I guess the reality is that it's just too expensive to buy coats that they hardly ever wear...not to mention the hats, and muffs, and on and on. I am so glad it is important to my husband as well, that he gives me the green light to buy this stuff :).

Here we are at the show! The usher we had was so sweet! She offered to take our picture and then kept gushing over us, saying that we looked like we were models. Ha, ha! Dim lighting :) But seriously we have some adorable children!

Every year we go to the local Chocolate shop and get cocoa. This year we added Jordan almonds and the kids loved's Emma showing us how much she loves them! Sorry about the gross picture!
Here are my guys. It was so very extra special to have Nick with us.

And what do you do when you don't want your brother to steal your Jordan almonds? You hide them under a coaster of course!
There was also a Santa Moose (or Caribou??) there that the kids loved. Apparently "stand next to the moose" means "hey you two work together to try to knock the thing over".

Please excuse the undergarments in the picture :/ In not so Christmasy news, Cal bit Emma on the back...hard. Here is the result. He bit her through her shirt on the back. She was screaming, Cal got in huge trouble with his father, it was a bad night.

And the kids already have Cabin fever as is illustrated here. This was them playing "climbing the mountain"??? . No idea. I just love how they play together. Fun times we are having here.
Well I will try to blog before Christmas but I am superbly busy so if not have a Merry Christmas!