Super Busy at Home

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Around here in our home there are always things going on. It seems like my children have their own lives then their lives together, then our lives with us. So I thought I would touch base on how everyone is know, because you must be obsessed with us if you are reading this :).
Nick is amazing, as always. He is such a hard worker at work and when he comes home he kicks it into high gear to work around the house getting projects done. He is also super great with the kids. He is such a great husband too. He always seems to know when I need some encouragement.

I am doing fantastic! I love staying home and I love our kids and our house and I love our husband. I am just so in love. I am in love with God and all that He has blessed us with. Wow, I just have so much to be thankful for. I am freelance writing and loving it! I am still writing my column and loving that as well. God continues to open doors for me to be able to work from home and not have to do too much of it, so I will definitely be walking through those doors. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I am happy to say that I almost done with Christmas shopping and decorating! Next comes the even more favorite tasks of baking and gift wrapping...yippee!

What is there to say about Emma? SO MUCH! She is starting hockey back up next month and is excited about that. She is starting another round of gymnastics also. She is starting to read. Last week she read her first book and she is 4! I'm so proud of her! Her Christmas performance is coming up and I am so thrilled to get to see her sing again! Discipline wise she is so even keeled and she very rarely gets into trouble. That said yesterday she got into the linen closet (after being told not to again and again and again and again and...) and of all of the things in there she thought that razors looked like fun to play with. The poor thing slit her finger and she didn't want to tell me so there is blood ALL over her room. I fixed her up and I think the whole slicing her finger thing was lesson enough. She loves playing computer games and doing worksheets and lessons.

Wow he is turning 3 next month! I cannot believe it!!! He is talking up a storm including yelling "suck it mommy!" when he doesn't like something...not cool dude. He is still having issues so I met with a Psychologist with him last week. Its been interesting and we are definitely going to have a long road ahead of us. Poor little guy. He loves trucks, and trains, and firemen...he loves pretending. Everything is a gun or a sword or some type of weapon as he runs through the house.

Well that is what's going on around here :)
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