Shaky the Moyle

Shaky the Moyle for those of you climbing out from under a sizeable rock was a character on Seinfeld. During vacation I was on a busy street corner trying to take a picture of someone across the street (Nick's picture is above) and kept missing, completely. Nick came to my rescue laughing and said "give me that camera, Shaky the Moyle". Could.Not.Stop.Laughing.

And that is what I love about my husband. We've been married over 7 years...I've known him for 10 and he still makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe. He never ceases to amaze me or to come up with new material. :)

In my defense I was standing kind of crooked on a ramp thingy and someone had bought me some wine for my birthday, and I was trying to dodge people as they walked by but, yes you can now call me Shaky. Well not really but I'll let the hubs :)