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Read to Da Baby!

Having a baby is a wonderful thing! But one of the things that people don't know or understand is that babies have a huge capacity to learn when they are born. Which is why you should read to your child...often. All of the time.

It pains me when I see parents who don't read to their children because you are basically dumbing your child down from their potential. Reading to babies improves their communication skills, builds listening and memorizing skills, as well as really growing their vocabulary. Even kids chewing on books shows a love for them. Having books around makes reading a familiar and comfortable thing...something they will just do and love doing because they've done it from the beginning.

When our children were in the womb we read to them...long books. That is one of my best memories because Nick would read to my tummy and do funny voices and make me laugh.

When the children were born I used to read to them ANYTHING. I even read to them my college textbooks. Yep, my children were learning stocks, bonds, american history, vietnam war strategies...the works. Because the more words they hear in the first months the smarter they will be. That's why I had the daughter who at her 1st birthday party was saying "I appreciate it" and my son who just "knows" his alphabet without being taught.

I don't really know that thatis why our kids did/do those things. And I know I don't do everything right but the facts are out there...reading to your infants from right out of the womb makes them some pretty smart people!
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