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The Creative Bug

Ihave been dying to get creative...does this every happen to anyone else or is it just me? Creativitiy seems to hit me in waves where one minute I'll be hanging out fine with everything in our home and the next minute I want to be able to use words like "pizazz" and "bedazzle" to describe things around here.

I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. See, I read this blog called Under the Sycamore and she makes me feel inspired every day. Hmmm....except our house looks wildly

Then there's this lady named Auntie Bev. She keeps giving me stuff. Seriously. She's just too much. I don't know what I did to deserve her, but she makes my heart smile. First she gave us a piano. Did you hear that one guys? A piano...yep, that's the lady. She's pretty awesome. Then she gave us a beautiful antique mirror. Well last month she gave me a sewing machine as I was a loser and didn't have one. Know how to use it I do not but this past weekend she gave us an entire box of vintage fabric and the bug to sew SOMETHING is eating away at me. And we ate at a little cafe last week where they had the cutest stinkin' curtains in the world. Nothing wrong with any of my curtains (except my dressing room...those are janked up, but that's a whole other issue...) but now I want new kitchen curtains. Like yesterday. On top of the fabric box of creativity, she gave me this adorable mirror which also has feet on the bottom and I know that sounds weird but you can't judge me that I can't describe things. Nope ya can't because God says not to. I want to lay it somewhere and put wildly cute things on it as a tray, but again, can't think of what to do, where to do it. Grrrr.

So if you have any suggestions for me or maybe know the lingo to teach someone of about 7 how to use a sewing machine, I'm all ears. Seriously with the sewing machine, you could tell me it was a giant toaster and I would ask you where to put the bread...that's how sewing machine-irific I am. Yep.

For now my creativity will be used towards making gobs, and gobs, and gobs, and gobs of things for Emma's bake sale this weekend which I am also coordinating, and manning the booth...doesn't this all sound wildly exciting to you? I know you are using this blog to live vicariously through me because it's all so exciting you can just hardly stand it. But anyway, LAST year I made sugar cookies, and boy howdy I made sugar cookies. This year not so much. Shaky the moyle's not doing that this year.

I'll have to explain the Shaky the Moyle thing another time.... :)
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