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Ah, Bake Sale Drama

This weekend I have a bakesale to attend. And not just attend but coordinate, bake for, and run. Sounds fun, huh? Well its me and another mother that have to do everything and I am having the world's hardest time getting along with this woman...does anyone else feel my pain in these things?

I wish I had the ability to just keep quiet and not let things bother me, but oh, oh how they bother me. This mother is one of those one's that doesn't want to make a decision but the first thing she does when I make a decision is to change it.

Today we priced the baked goods and at one point she was going behind me as I worked and changing the prices I had written. Seriously? Who does that? This is a cotton pickin' bake sale for a preschool. Who cares if we only make $25.00?

In these situations I try to come up with the reasoning behind the crazies in my are my two reasons. 1) everyone has these people and they somehow, miraculously, ignore them or see past their weirdo-ness or 2) I somehow have some type of magnetic force field for attracting the weirdest people.

I know it doesn't sound like much on here, but its just mind numbing the way this woman was turning things around on me and the loops and dips she was taking me on in conversations. Again...bake sale! I don't need to spend 15 minutes deliberating with you on how much a dozen cookies should cost. And please don't get me wrong, I wasn't doing anything without her consent. but here's how it went:

Mom: hey how much should these cookies be?
Me: I don't know, what do you think?
Mom: I don't know what do you think?
Me: I really don't know, they're just cookies. What do you think?
Mom: I don't know, maybe 75 cents or a dollar?
Me: Let's do a dollar...less change to deal with
Mom: okay.

fastforward to 10 minutes later where she's changing all of the prices because $1.00 is too low and now she's going behind me to change them to $3.00. That's wonky in my book :/.

And this doesn't really matter except I realized as I'm delving into all of this on the phone with Nick, how silly this is. I thanked him for listening to my preschool room parent drama. He somehow always manages to seem interested which is mind boggling to me...I think I'd be playing solitaire on the computer if you started talking all this stuff with me...your doing it now, aren't you? I see you there, playing solitaire!

Nick's solutions are always funny to me. They always seem like something out of a wrestling ring. He always says something like "if that mom shows up again you should flip the table over, grab some cookies, and leave, but make sure you get your tablecloth back". Nice. He always SOUNDS serious, but then I always wonder if he actually expects me to do that? At least he's sensible and reminds me to get my tablecloth back from under the table I've flipped over in the middle of the church craft bazaar....always prudent that boy.

Thanks for listening...feel free to post any comments :)
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