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This past weekend I celebrated my 29th birthday (my first 29th birthday, haha). I usually have a hard time with birthdays. I have this very real fear of death and birthdays always seem like a silent reminder that I'm just getting closer to death.

But this year those feelings aren't here. They've left this place, hopefully for good. I am just happy to be 29 and be where I am: I am married to the man that God made perfectly for me. We have created two fantastic, precious children who we give back to God every day. We have a beautiful home that I get to stay at with our children. I am a Christian, a blessed then could ever deserve Christian, and when I do die, I will go to the Promised Land and one day get to be with my family forever, how amazing!

For my birthday this year we were on vacation and it was the best time. The best time, the best Jerry. I experienced every facet of perfectness I could ever hope for: the silent walks through the woods, feeling God's love, looking at the majesty of an open nights sky filled with stars, I bit into the best dessert I've ever tasted, I laughed until I cried, and lastly, I looked over the table at everyone around and my eyes brimmed with tears as I realized how truly blessed and loved I am.

I come home with a rested body, a content heart, and an inspired soul: all things that combine to make the best Birthday gift of all...peace.
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