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They're Everywhere!

It never fails. Every morning I come down stairs to this...

The majority of Imaginext toys all put together in a little city of fun in the blue room...
With a random smattering of helmets, shields, and firemen scattered around the house for good measure.
Do you want to know a secret?
Do ya?
I don't mind.
Really. I don't.
I know that one day I will miss this. I will miss these toys and the endless need there is to pick them up. Because I find them everywhere.
I've been getting up very early in the mornings to get things done around the house. I am prompted by Proverbs 31:15 which starts with "she gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family..." And boy howdy is it still dark. On days when Nick goes to work I am up at 4. I know it sounds insane but really its good for me. I have quiet time and devotions with God, I get showered without feeling like I have to be done before Thomas is over, and I clean. I'm a cleaning machine! It really is nice to be able to get a large bulk of the chores done before the day is even started. That way I can devote more time to the children and less time trying to get things done AROUND the children. It also lets me get a bearing on the day...I can get Emma's forms into her backpack, pay bills, blog, the list goes on and on.
Sorry I haven't been writing as often as I was before. Can I just say that we've been busy???? SUPER, DUPER busy!!! This past week, because I am insane, I had three articles due. Yike-o! I still have one due that's deadline is hanging out in the far distance (read two weeks) but that's plenty of time, right?
I also took on this Room parent thing at Emma's school. Sure I can do that I thought! Well October is here which means the room parent responsibility has kicked into high gear. So this month I am planning a silent auction, an Icecream social, a bake sale, a Fall Party, and am attending a fieldtrip. Eek. Then yesterday we were at a playdate with a girlfriend down the street who asked me to help with the neighborhood Fall party. My head is swooning from everything going on. But it keeps me going and with grown up people, plus God tells us to be hospitable and welcoming so that is what I am doing...welcoming more tasks apparently :)
I should update you on Emma: she had her tongue clipped last week. No big deal, we found someone who could do it with a laser so it wasn't a surgery persay. It was supposed to be tender for a day and then she would be fine. Well she couldn't eat, or drink, or brush her teeth without pain. And her breath smelled like something crawled in her mouth and died (as Nick reports!) I took her back to the doctor and sure enough she's developed an infection. So now she's on some strong antibiotics and pain relievers (they prescribed my little baby with Codine! ha!) She's on the mend but it milking it for all its worth. Every task kind of goes like this:
me: hey em, time to get shoes on.
em: uuuuhhhhhh, mommmmm, I caaaaaaannnnn'tt, my tongue hurts a little.
Which leaves me a little puzzled, sometimes giggling at her, sometimes throwing shoes at her saying, that's nice put your shoes on (just teasing about the throwing shoes!)
Happy Wednesday!

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