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Our Sweet Angel

Tonight Emma prayed during bedtime prayers and I found tears coming to my eyes as I listened to her tender prayer. She thanked God for her furniture, for friends, for family, for kissing the grass with dew every night, for teaching people how to make toys, and on and on. She told God she loves him so, so, so, so much! We've called her our angel ever since she graced us with her presence and had a very large Angel Kiss on her forehead...and she really is an angel.
Every night we pray and every night she says she's not ready to pray. Last night Nick read to her "Berenstein Bears Say Their Prayers" and I think it must have really spoken to her because she was ready to pray tonight.
I love seeing the fruits of our labor growing. We pray and have family devotions. We talk about God and Jesus and the Ultimate Sacrifice Jesus was just to save the lowliest people. But we never know if it sticks or not. It's so wonderful as a parent to know that we are starting to get through.
We had both of our children dedicated at church and made a commitment to raise them up in the Lord. At Cal's dedication they gave me a bookmark and it has this poem on it:
"I have formed this little child
you hold within your heart.
My mercy and my goodness have been there
from the start.
The face, the hands, the smile
I shaped all that you see.
Take this gift I've given you
and raise this child for me."
My prayer is that my thoughts, and actions, and words, every day will draw my precious Gifts from God closer to Him.
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