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Well hello all! Happy Monday to you call! I hope everything is going well on your end! This morning we were up and ready for Preschool bright and squirrelly :) . Here are some pictures from the last few days:

I walked in on this this afternoon. I think he is reenacting the invasion or Normandy

Shhhh...Woody is sleeping. I had to show this to you. First of all this is my FAVE piece of Fall Decor. Its from my Aunt Jan and it always makes me smile.

Here's Em ready for preschool this morning.

Cal begged me to get this hat out despite it being too small. He put it on and said "look, me noman!" Yep, it does kind of look like Frosty's hat

Ah yes the joy of climbing walls when you are a exhilarating


Yesterday we started hockey. Here are some pictures of the big day:

Here's Emma "skating". This guy was with her the whole lesson. This was at the end of the lesson, as you can see they are buddies. He gave Emma three rides like this over the course of the lesson and she LOVED it.

Here she is on her own. These pictures are totally backwards from how they happened...sorry about that.

Here we are starting out. Nervous little girl on ice clinging to a chair.

Here we go...Do you like her trendy jersey-dress? She was one of the smallest ones funny!

Here she is all suited up! It took Nick a few minutes to get her all geared up. Next week Nick can't be there and I am already TERRIFYIED of getting her ready! She's probably going to be out there with her elbow pads on like ear muffs or something. Anyway, LOOk how big her uniform and gear are on her! It looks like we photoshopped her head onto someone else's body!

Anyway, she fell A LOT. They all met in the middle of the rink to talk and her buddy/helper had to turn her around because she was facing the outside of the circle. But by the end of the lesson she had given up the chair and was walking on the ice! She is so cute! We figured she had hated it but she said that she had an amazing time and loved it. Whew, I am glad about that!

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