There's at least one...

Well there's at least one person (aside from Nick...most of the time!) that doesn't think that I am totally insane. This morning during Speech Therapy Cal had one of his episodes where he broke down temper tantrum, throwing things, hitting me, kicking me.

When I explained that this is my life to our therapist said that if I want to he will definitely recommend a Developmental Psychologist to come out. He said this is normal for 2 year olds every once in a while...I told him that that was at least my third tantrum to deal with 9 am.

He also does not like how he is hitting and being destructive to property, despite being told to stop. He just doesn't care. I sent him to his room and the therapist and I talked. It was so reassuring to have him say "you are an amazing mother, Nick is a great dad." People say that to you and I am sure that they mean it, but when you know the people saying it it feels about the equivelent of someone saying "hey, nice shirt!" you know? Coming from someone who doesn't know you, who has no emotional ties to you, it really made me feel validated. I AM a good Mom. This is not normal. Its OKAY I can't take this anymore...that's to be expected was what he said.

Becuase seriously who wants their hair pulled out, their skin scratched, kicked, hit, bit, ALL DAY LONG? Not I said the little mommy. Not I said the little Emma.

Please pray for us. We leave this afternoon to go to the Pediatrician's office to discuss what is going on with this crazy kid of ours...God love him :)

I'm hoping he has answers and doesn't pat me on the head and explain to me how I have a two year old little boy.

I'll let you know what I find out
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