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The Story

I was looking through the blog and realized that I promised ya'll the story of how Nick and I got together and never delivered. So sorry! It is super complicated so here you go...

I went to Ball State and my roomate was my dear friend Jessica. Jessica had been an assistant for the boys baseball team at her high school and continued to talk to one of the coaches, Kevin. Well Kevin mentioned to Jess that he had worked with this guy named Nick who, he thought, was going to Ball State too. He said Jess should look him up. Well Nick started to IM (do you remember IMing people???) Jess on the computer and it kind of became a girl's dorm floor thing. We ALL talked to Nick. If Jess ran somewhere I was talking to Nick (heehee) or one of the other girls were. Well Jess agreed to a blind date with Nick and I completely 100% talked her out of it. I mean we had just gotten down to college, had no idea where anything was, and she had NEVER met him face to face. He could murder you and you'd never see it coming, I reasoned. So she stood him up...for the first time.

Well Nick being the forgiving (and relentless apparently!) guy that he was, forgave Jess and suggested that they try again and this time I could come too. Oh great, now we're both going to get killed! Well we met in an outdoor common area, Nick was supposed to be wearing a green shirt, and for some reason EVERYONE practically was wearing a green shirt. Well we waited, didn't see anyone (or anyone we'd want to be ALONE with, sorry Nick!) so we left. Nick to this day says he never saw us, but I promise, we were there...even if it was for just a moment.

Well we came home for Christmas without ever seeing him. This all had basically gone on for the entire first semester. Nick and Jess' mutual friend invited us over for a party...Jess' friend Kevin (mutual friend) was interested in ME so I was being brought along evidently. Well when we got there there was a car with plates from Nick's county and we had this sinking feeling going in to the house that he was there. Oh great, the guy we stood up twice, how fun (awkward!) this will be.

So we were there, Jess was meeting another guy, and Nick was there with two friends. I remember we were watchin Taxicab Confessional and Nick sat by Jess. I was next to Kevin and he kept getting closer and closer to me. I was in the middle of Kevin and one of Nick's friends. I remember Nick's poor friend Aaron kept scootching for me as I kept getting farther and farther away, until he finally said "I'm sorry, I'm out of room!"...even he knew I was trying to get away from Kevin!

Well having found out Nick wasn't totally creepy, Jess invited him to our room to watch TV when we got back to Ball State. Nick was there when I got home from work one night and we started talking. I think we've pretty much talked ever since. He reports that he just hit it off with me more than with Jess...and I had big boobs. Nice Wit.

Don't worry I wasn't a lousy friend, Jess wasn't really into him and could see the look in my eye the night Nick left our room. She pushed us together after that.

So that's how we met and got together. Sometime I'll tell you about our first datings. It includes Jalapeno Chips, Nick rapping, and me getting my foot ran over by a car. Oh the joys of young love! :)