Super Busy at Home

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Sleepy Heads

I love the sleepy faces and mused hair that these little ones bless me with every morning. There are no other faces I would rather see. As you can see, Emma is almost always bleary eyed and trying to figure out who got her out of bed (herself!) and Cal almost always just hangs out in bed until someone gets him and then I am greeted with a cheesy smile. I love these two so much. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and Sunday. We (read Mommy!) overslept this morning and therefore bypassed church so we are relaxing together and watching "Jungle Book". I figure this is a great opportunity to savor our snuggling time as this next week we are bombarded with preschool, hockey practice, dance lessons, story times, and toddler times. Yikes, we are going to be busy! Happy Labor Day!

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