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Today we went Garage Sale-ing (or Treasure hunting as Emma and I call it!) and got all kinds of goodies. I will post the clothing I got tomorrow as I forgot to take a picture before and right now they are in the washing machine.

This is a playset that we were going to get Cal this past Christmas but I think it was about $60.00 and we weren't sure if he would like it or not so we passed. Turns out he LOVES Imaginext and we scored this at the sales for $2.00! Emma even likes playing with it!

Looking around I am seeing things that need to get done tonight...the fridge often just kind of blends in with the every day but when my eyes focus in on things, this is what I see....I LOVE seeing this picture of Nick and I from shortly after our engagement and the pic below it of us as a family. Ah, makes my heart swell :o)

Um, yeah this is the big picture of the fridge...probably should clean it off

I love these pictures! I've had them since we got married. I have other things to put in their place but I just can't give up the cute candies and sweets.

My door looks like it has Chicken Pox with Calamine all over! Actually I have filled the pock marks in my farm door. Which yes I know I don't live on a farm, but if I DID have a farm this is the door I imagine I would have. Anywho, it is getting painted the lovely Clam Island color that all of the other trim and doors in my home are.

In other things, Cal walks past the front hall closet and deposits his things in the living room when done with I love this hat that Nick got for him last year. He scooped it up, the LAST ONE at Baby Gap because it looks like Charlie Brown's hat. Tons of people call Cal Chuck because he looks a lot like Charlie Brown :)

The foyer table is barely visable underneath my pile of things to do's...including painting my nails, hiding this flashlight from the children, putting out fall things, and figuring out where this tortoise shell button thing came from

Yesterday was a doozie of a day with Cal. We had speech therapy in the morning and before the therapist had even come (at 9:30 in the morning!) cal had been sent to his room twice, spanked once, and had to stand in the corner for various reasons including throwing things at the Breakfast table at his sister, hitting Emma, refusing to wash his hands, biting me, and tons of other things.
Anyway, after the therapist meeting I called Nick to tell him what the therapist said. More on that later. But when I got off the phone (MAYBE 5 minutes if that) I came in to the living room and found that Cal had taken a 16 oz cup of milk and had spit it either on Emma or the couch. I sent him to his room and ended up calling my Mother in Law, the angel in disguise, in tears, practically begging her to take him for the day. Two towels into cleaning the couch, I was still pressing on the couch cushion, and having milk bubble up from the cushion. I just don't know what to do with him anymore.
So Emma and I had our own day and I think it did Cal some good to be away from me for a little while.
Emma and I after lunch before heading out...we went and fed ducks, ran some errands, and did some girl shopping :)
I heart her outfit and her silliness
So here's what the Speech Therapist said: I discussed all of my concerns with him and he said "Lindsay, what you're describing to me sounds like Autism but I don't see Autism". And to be honest I don't see Autism either. But when I read about what all of these things added up are, it really does sound like it. So I pray. And whatever it is, I don't care. He's my little boy. He's wonderful in his own way.
He suggested we start at our doctor and said if we need to go further he suggested we see Dr. Solomon in Ann Arbor as I guess he is world-renowned for his work in Autism and behaviour problems.
I have an appointment with our doctor next week. I am planning on asking for allergy testing and anything else he needs. Mike, our speech therapist, said this can get pretty indepth including hormone testing, chromosome testing, on and on.
I don't know that something is wrong and there may not be. But as a mother I need to rule out that there isn't. So I am reading right now on how to parent a "spirited" child and how to discipline with some out-of-the-box ideas.
So that is all I know now...hope you are ready for the weekend! :)

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