Super Busy at Home

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Well Happy Saturday, Football Day, 9/11. I tell ya it is hard to explain 9/11 to a 4 year old. We will always remember.

This morning we started our day READY!

As you can see I had a stack of 9 pairs of underoos ready and waiting...bring it on potty training. We soiled 3 pairs so still having 6 pairs left I am happy to say this is the first evening I haven't had to do a load of laundry to get all of the underpants cleaned.

By the way it secretly tickles my soul to be folding little guy underpants...snowboarders, Toy Story, Spider Man, Sports themed, stripes...they all are just so cute!

We stamped today and had lots of fun! (and inked up fingers!) I love that they are starting to do crafty things together

So I mentioned that we went Treasure Hunting the other day. Well here's what I got in the clothing department...forgive me for gushing (teehee) this is the stuff I love!. Here we go:
Two holiday dresses...the first on is a Charter Club and it has the cutest embroidery of Mistletoe and the other is a Santa dress because I always have Em in one every year

We got these two dresses...the red one is a Ralph Lauren and the other is a two piece Gymboree outfit...its brown corduroy :)

Here's a close-up of the shirt in the outfit above. I love it because I can put it under tons of cardigans that Em already has

Here are 6 other pieces I got for Em (can you tell that I got her more things?) Anyway, in clockwise order starting in top left corner we have a Gymboree sweater, lands end tee shirt, Gymboree shirt, Ralph Lauren pants, Gymboree shirt, and an unknown brand shirt but that is super cute and has a bow on the collar...

Ooh, look the 2 things I got for Cal...I know, I am lame...Gap shorts and a Ralph Lauren turtleneck...Nick refuses to wear turtlenecks for me so I have to get my fix of guys in them with Cal.
So guess how much I spent? Huh? Huh? Drum roll please....
$12.50! I was so stinking excited!
This evening I felt like a truck pooped on me so I turned on Toy Story and we had "cacorn!" as Cal's what they look like watching television:
Apparently underpants are all you need for bottoms...he pretty much refuses to wear pants around the house now that he's got his "pidermens!" on

And this is how Em watches

This is fascinating and horrifying to me all at the same time...she is getting so grown up. She's starting to look like a little lady with her Angelina lips and her curly hair all around her. She is going to be a knockout :)
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