Pray. Pray. Pray

There has been something underlying with Cal lately and I just can't put my finger on it. I've been somewhat in denial I guess. It's just him. He's teething??? He acts like his dad (ha!). I just can't put my finger on what it is EXACTLY. I finally voiced my concern to Nick a couple of weeks ago and he said the same thing "I can't describe what I think is wrong, but I know what you are talking about."

Yes I know I sound insane right now, and no I don't think I am making things up. Please, Please, Please just pray for our little guy. He's so stinking special. He's compassionate, he's funny, he's sensitive, he's loving, he'll talk to you. So I KNOW it isn't autism. I've read every thing I can, had him tested MULTIPLE times, and all signs come back that he is NOT autistic.

However we are having things, weird things, coming out. Here are some of them:

Not listening/obeying. Yes I know, he's not a boy and yes I know, he's 2. You just have to believe me with this, its not normal not listening. For one there's the safety aspect. We can be walking down the street, get to a corner and I'll tell him to stop. He doesn't stop. There's a car coming so I scream, STOP! He doesn't stop. He'd just meander himself into the front of a car if I wasn't there stopping him...there is no sense of surroundings.

Another example I can think of is today we finger painted and I told him three times to go into the bathroom and wash his hands. He went in three times and came out having never washed his hands.

He has no sense of being wet. He can't feel if he has a runny nose. He doesn't know if his hands are sticky.

He doesn't understand all.

I'm pretty sure his senses are deadened compared to others. I took his arm and touched him with just my fingertip on his forearm. I asked him to do the same to me and he gouged at my skin.

He flaps his arms when he runs.

If anyone's kid is like this PLEASE let me know. I've looked up sensory issues and have some info to go on. I have no idea what to even look up to try to figure out this other stuff.

So that's the deal with Cal...the good news is his speech is coming along. There was something amazing to me and sad to me all at the same time the other night: he wanted me to leave his small lamp on when he went to bed, so I did. When I turned around he had sat up and said "light on me scared night monsters." I sat next to him and we talked how there are no monsters and about God and He'll help you not to be afraid and he can pray to which he said "God help scared". That was the first time I had EVER heard him pray which was amazing to me. I also loved that he talked to me about being scared but as I later realized that is the first time that he's EVER said anything to me without me having to ask him. You should hear me I am a freaking 20-question genius when that kid wakes up in the middle of the night.









Bad Dream?


Black Baby? (a funny story in itself!)

Blue Baby?

'Cago bankie?


This is the first time he's ever told me anything about his feelings, his emotions...its like I live with him and know nothing about him at all. That's a hard pill to swallow as a mom and I hope that things will get better not worse down the road here.

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