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Hockey Time!

Last night Emma and Nick went to get Emma's hockey gear. She was so, so excited! Her skates also came in the mail yesterday and Praise the Lord they fit! Her skates were such a blessing that they were on sale from an online hockey shop for only $22! They normally START at $60, which I would be more than willing to pay if she wasn't going to use them for maybe 4 months. We were having a hard time even finding skates in her size so this was wonderful to find them so cheap! Plus they are called "training skates" ??? which means they only have one buckle to get those suckers on and off for potty breaks. These people KNOW kids!

Here's Cal in Emma's cute! He wants to be just like his big sis. He keeps walking around saying "me hockey". Next year buddy, sorry!

Ah, the tricky part of all of putting on the equipment. Nick finally had to just come do it because I had no idea what anything was.

Tell me this isn't the CUTEST picture you've ever seen??? I'm planning on all of this equipment to be put to good use for when she's falling all over the ice! Under the pants she has these huge sock thingy-s (technical term) and knee pads and shin guards. She also has all of these straps around her body you can't see and elbow pads. I've gotta tell you to, Nick's been telling her that her elbows are her most valuable weapon (oh joy!) so she keeps walking around the house yelling "elbow points!". We also had a talk the other day when she was saying that a boy in her class had better behave or she was going to throw him an elbow...oh great, you're THAT kid :)

This is our mean it. As long as we are on the other side of this with no broken bones an all of our teeth I will be one happy camper. Here's another thing that surprised me...she's four and if you will notice she is wearing "youth large" equipment...who the heck wears the "youth small?" I mean the kid doesn't even weight 35 pounds yet!


In other update on Cal. Yesterday was a horrific day. One moment he'd come over and kiss me and the next moment he'd be trying to rip my face off. The very last thing he did before bed? He ripped my pearl earring out of my ear (ow, to the ow!), laughed and then chucked it as far as he could while Nick's saying "no Cal, give it to me, no Cal give it to me." Errr.

Anyway, I FINALLY got in touch with Cal's equivelent of a case worker and she is getting us a Developmental Psychologist...she said that this sounds like something that First Steps doesn't cover and could be a physical problem. She said we may want to also find a Developmental Pediatrician (which I had never heard of...ever) to look at his behaviors and have him tested for any syndromes. Oh. freaking. great. The Developmental Psyschologist and Pediatricians are all out of Riley Children's hospital. Right now they will be travelling to us visit with Cal. Hopefully if this gets indepth (read more expensive) we'll still be able to stay in the area and not schlupp him to Indianapolis every other day for testing and therapy.

I am REALLY hoping it isn't PDD-NOS. Ever heard of this? It is what they classify kids as who are Autistic but not Autistic ENOUGH. So he has apraxia, sensory issues, prone to seizures, behavior issues, yep all classic autistic syndromes, but he's not banging his head, doing OCD things (well he is but not ALL of the time), and he makes eye contact, so he's not CLASSIC autistic. It also sounds like there's not a lot they can do for these kids who have autism but don't have autism. It sounds like people are basically saying "well they have all of these things which make your life a living hell, but be glad he's functioning and not autistic"...well duh.

So we'll see. I'm hoping he's just going through something.??? Which possibly is denial speaking at this point again but its all I have.

On a side note, not many people know this unless they read the ol' blog. I quite frankly am fed up with people telling me "well he's just a boy!" or "typical 2 year old!" yes I KNOW he's a two-year old boy....thank you Captain Obvious. I just can't talk to people about this face to face because I am just tired of hearing it. So if you know me and want to ask me about things, please don't say these things to me. I constantly question if what he is doing is a) because he's a boy or b) because he's 2. And one trying to tell me its normal makes me think that a) they have no idea what they are talking about because you haven't SEEN the things I am talking about and b) that I must be a complete failure as a mother and a person to not even be able to control my own child.

Update complete...happy Wednesday!