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First Day of School

The kids saw a Mickey Mouse video advertised in a magazine and they have been waiting FOR WEEKS for this thing to be on! Do you know what it's like when a kid, not to mention two kids, want something for weeks? It means that every single day you get asked if today is the day for Mickey. Today mom? Nope sorry. How about today? Nope sorry! So finally today was the day, yippee!!!
Check out the tatoo he's sporting while watching've gotta love the tough guy look
My whole little world wrapped up on a little couch, getting ready for the Mickey Mouse special

Today was Emma's first day of preschool! I love how excited Cal gets for Emma. See?
He's giving thumbs up...well, kind of. :)

This is Daddy giving thumbs up

And Emma's okay with going too...see? thumbs up here too. :)

Love the goofy grins I get from the back seat...these make me know that all of my dreams have come true

Emma and I getting in the car

Here's our big girl :)

Cal giving Em kisses before we leave
Here's our big four year old :)

LOVE this girl. I can't believe she is my little baby girl
Yesterday we had a big family work day outside and inside. Before that though I made Monkey bread, per the request of Emma and Daddy. It was a really fun day with lots of playing. We finished the day with strawberry shakes. It was a great way to end our summer
Cal praying over his monkey bread. I LOVE watching our children pray.
Monkey bread. Yum-o
I have to show this to you which really has nothing to do with anything but Calvin used his table upside down as a little boat/house thing. See? He even has a little flag on one of the cute

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