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Doctor Update

We are all a little under the weather so I haven't had time to do a lot of posting today but thought I would hop on and give ya'll an update on the doctor's visit yesterday. The doctor has set us up to meet with an allergist. He suspects that there's an allergy since his eczema he's had since birth hasn't cleared up and the behaviour change/explosion. He also said that it sounds like Cal has Asthma so we are now going to have to give him breathing treatments (in our spare time, ha!) and carry around an inhaler...doesn't that sound like fun???

FYI I had asthma so I know that that SUCKS. I am hoping it is also allergy related and once we get all of this under control then it will just magically go away.

How did he know he had asthma you may ask? Well I haven't told you all about it but he has been oddly coughing constantly about an hour before bed and then been really weezy. Yep, that's asthma the doctor said.

He is also recommending a Developmental Psychologist so I need to get that going. I was a tad dismayed but upon looking at it I don't really know what I was expecting out of the visit...I guess I thought he would walk right in and say "oh clearly he has..." but it wasn't like that.

Well gotta go...
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