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Cloth Diaper Trail

This morning I stood bleary eyed over the dining room table folding laundry. It was about 4:30 in the morning. I've been trying to get up early every morning to get tons done around the house before the children wake up. I think my body detests me for this, but, oh well body :).

Anywho, folding laundry I stood there folding cloth diapers and them tossed them into Cal's laundry basket. I had to stop myself and pull them out. They don't go in there...not anymore at least. I found myself smiling as I thought of the journey these little boogers have been through. They started as Emma's diapers. I had no clue what to do with cloth diapers. Nick's mom lovingly and patiently researched what we needed and made suggestions along the way. Turns out cloth diapers have gotten way easy.

When Em was done with them we moved to Cal, and by then I felt like a cloth diaper champ. With two kids though I felt that cloth diapers were too daunting so they didn't get used for as long as they did with Em.

Now they are beloved dusting cloths. I use them all of the time, all around the house.

They have taken me through such a journey of growth through motherhood. And looking back, as hindsight really is 20/20, I wish I had used cloth longer with Cal. With Emma we never had diaper rash with the cloth and with Cal in disposables, I've been having to douse diaper rashes like forest fires in California. Ugh-o.

Also they say that kids who are in cloth diapers are potty trained faster and I have to say that from my experience this is definitely true. Cal is NEVER going to be potty trained. I am just getting so frustrated. He is showing signs that he knows what he is doing but that master manipulator of his mother that he is, I think he is back to playing dumb in hopes that I'll give up. Oh the tangled webs we weave my little munchkin...I've so got this kid figured out.

Anyway, dumb-o story I know. But the cloth diapers are safe where they belong.
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