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The Apples of My Eye

This past Sunday we went to our usual haunt and went apple picking! We usually go earlier in September but it has been so warm that I guess it just isn't feeling Fall-y enough, if that makes sense! So we packed a picnic lunch and went to an old mill by the apple place. It is just so amazing to me that it is still in working order and up and running! We actually went there because we are running low on cornmeal. LOVE buying local and supporting this historic landmark!
Anywho, apple picking was wonderful as always. For some weird reason it seems to be the one day that the kids decide to not fight and get along every year. It is always so picturesque and humbling...God chose us to parent these amazing two children. Here are some of the photos...I'll explain as we go:
We're totally into the "I'm four and its my right not to smile" stage. We always get pictures at this old truck. Oh and as you can see Emma's super trendy coat fits still...praise the Lord!
Here's Cal or should I say, Mr. GQ? How studly does this guy look. He is so funny with his expressions

Could NOT get these kids to take this shot for anything in the world so I thought I would just post one of the worst outtakes...yikes. Emma looks freaked out to be sitting next to the evil boy :/

Here's Emma's first apple! Finally got a REAL smile out of the kid

Eating said apple...hey that's what you do, right?

Nick caight them picking apples together and I just love these pics...they were just surrounded by tree and it looks like we are stealing a glimpse of them

The other half of the pair

Here Cal is with THE face he always does showing us his apples. Most of his apples were from the ground despite us telling him 47,000 times to not pick them up from the ground. Everytime his basket was full Nick would go through it and put about 5 of his apples into the master basket and the rest BACK onto the ground...poor kid, poor silly, silly kid

Just enjoying their day...I love this pic

Mmmm, my turn to eat an apple. I think he thought he was going to get in trouble because he kept looking at me sneakily as he was taking the first bite :)
We just had an amazing time. Maybe a little TOO amazing as we picked over 40 pounds of apples! My angel of a mother in law is digging up her Pampered Chef apple peeler so I won't be husbandless after all of the pies we will be making. Last year Nick willingly peeled but he's already said no way hosea to 40 pounds. I also have to tell you that we picked for a while and then decided to find a different variety (because that's how we roll) so we walked a ways. We got to red delicious (fail, I know) and there were people around. Emma stops and says "can we just pick these apples? My dogs are barking". A couple of people just started cracking up and one guy yelled "awesome! that made my day!" and could not stop laughing. I'm so glad my children bring joy and laughter to so many people. It makes me beam.
Happy Wednesday!
Psalm 17:8
"Keep me as the apple of your eye;
hide me in the shadow of your wings"

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