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Too Lazy to Find A Picture Tonight...

As you can see from the title I am sleepy. Tired. And yet my mind races...of course. My Aunt Jan left today to go back home and I miss her terribly! I hope to be like her when my kids are grown, I think she is my hero!

Tomorrow is our family reunion for Nick's family, which after 7 years of blissfullness I guess I should start calling them my family too... :) I am planning something called "outrageous brownies" in case any of you ladies are reading this.

I have an article due tomorrow night. Have I mentioned that I haven't STARTED that article yet? Guess when I will have time to write it? Yep, tomorrow night.

I miss my husband but I have good news...he only has to work nights 3 more times! I am so stinkin' excited about that! When we get home from vacation he will be on days and I will get to have my husband home for dinner every. single. night. Sigh. Hello meatloaf...

My house looks like toys had some type of fraternizing party last night...musical instruments everywhere, Elmo Live is lying on his back with his hands stretched towards the sky, I have a rock collection spilled over the foyer floor, there's a Big Bird on a submarine and somehow as I look at all of this I know exactly what my kids were up to with their imaginations. That either makes me a rockin' awesome Mom or someone who terribly needs the impending vacation.

Speaking of vacay-have I mentioned we are leaving Thursday. Dear Auntie Bean is watching our angels so I have made directions as she has never spent the night here. I love Auntie Bean...she gets me. But I don't know if Auntie Bean will get the remote so I have detailed instructions. :). you know what I am looking forward to? Steamy sex? Long walks on the beach? Fancy dinners? Nope, probably none of those will happen (at least that I'm telling you pervy people about!)...I am looking forward to sleeping in with Nicholas. Ah. However sleeping in does often cause fights between us as sleeping in for me is say, oh, 9. Where with Nicholas, the man who has slept 27 hours at a time before, you just never really know when he is going to wake up. I might go this entire vacation with him asleep. Only future blog posts can tell :)

Well that is it for now. I am stressed about things to do tomorrow but am residing that I will not worry about it tonight. Tonight I am stepping over the rock collection to lock the front door, I will ignore the Dora toothpaste that is frosting the top of the sink as I brush my teeth, and I will go to bed...because this hot Mama needs some sleep :)
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