Splash Pad

Emma has got so daring this summer that she will get her head wet in these things...so proud of her!
Looks like he's having fun, right? Yeah, this thing wasn't spraying water...he is so cautious about getting wet, its weird

I LOVE this picture...doesn't it look like she's praising God???

And here we have Cal...standing on the edge, ready to go home...
This summer we have started going to the Splash Pads a little more often. Emma LOVES them and Cal kind of likes them. They are just so cute when they play together. Splash pads were put in our area because they can install one for the same amount that they pay insurance on a public pool, about 100k...isn't that INSANE????
Plus I am a little uneasy about public pools. I remember working at one and when someone would have an "accident" in the pool we would dump BARREL'S of chlorine in the pool to get the PH levels back to the right place. Then everyone back in the pool. Ick.
Some pools I am okay with. I know the pool at a waterpark is okay because it has to actually be filtered through a system. You'll also notice that they are wearing shoes simply because I don't like weird foor fungus' in my house...ewww.
Anyway, there's my bit on water. The children are enjoying the summer and I think that they are just too, too cute. There was a button to turn the water on so it doesn't run all blasted day but it was too high up for the kids to reach. Whenever the water would go off they would run over to the drinking fountain and push the button on that...they thought that was the on/off switch...how precious!

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