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The Frog Boots

This morning I came downstairs and the trusty galoshes were in the middle of the foyer floor. Yes it is the middle of the summer. With no rain. We just like to wear rubbers around apparently :)

I know other people get upset about clutter, but not me. Emma must have left these here because she had other adventures to get to, other places to chase her brother. Maybe a popsicle was calling her name from the kitchen and she just couldn't resist. I know I should teach her to pick up her things and put them in the proper place (the boot tray in the closet, perhaps???) and I do, promise. She's really good at putting her toys and things away. And I love how she's normally very willing to help me tidy up the house or go and put things away.

So when I see the boots lying there I am reminded that one day these boots will be just a flash in my memory and galoshes will be no more. She will have taken her own, adult wellies to her own home and I will remember that one day, long, long ago, a pair with green frogs on them once decorated our foyer floor.