Thank you Pumpkin Patch!
Last night I went to play Dominoe's at my Aunt Mare's house with the girls. It was so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love spending time with my cousins and getting to listen to the older ladies in our family talk...they are all just so cute! I can't wait for next time and am hoping Donna makes some of her yummy homemade wine next time! :)
While there my Aunt introduced me to her neighbor who also is homeschooling so it was lovely to meet a new friend and chat with someone like minded! :) I think that is getting less and less in my immediate circle so I am looking for volunteers to form a new circle :)
Anyway I had only played dominoes a few times down at our cabin and wasn't super familiar with it but it was a lot, a lot of fun!
Hope you are all having a lovely day! I have been getting lots done around our home and celebrating the love that Christ has shared with our family! :)