Yes this is the Man of my Dreams

I thought this was just the funniest picture and I don't know what makes me giggle more...the weird snear he has going on, the plastic boot cup that is proportionally WAY too small for him or the Snoopy shirt that the kids got for him because they claim he looks just like Snoopy. For whatever reason I love this picture. If Nicholas does ever run for Mayor (like me and the rest of the world have been telling him to do) I am just going to hope against hope that no one tries to google pictures of the poor gent. I know I have posted some real doozy's over the years!

This picture was taken at my Grandma's house as we were celebrating his 32nd birthday! I cannot believe he is 32! I met Nick 10 years ago when he was 22 and I was only 19. For this short stretch of time every year he is 4 years older than me and I just love that. I always tease him about robbing the cradle and the like. :)

Seriously though here are some words to describe Nick:
A Bad communicator of feelings
My best friend
A great fried chicken maker
Horsey back ride giver
Story time reader
Brownfield's Expert
Hater of stuffed peppers
AICP certified
LEED certified (you know in case you were looking :) )
Jack Johnson Fan
Rabid Cubs Fan
Great Bears Fan
Mediocre Colts Fan
My Best Friend
Former Boy Scout
Tennis Pro
Bat killer
Roscoe's best buddy
Labor Coach
Mouse catcher
Teaser extraordinaire of Lindsay
Sexy...did I mention that???
Good Driver
Fantastic Parallel Parker
Great Judge of Character

I think that about sums it up for now. I could go on and on about what a fantastic man my hottie-head hubby is. I am just so proud of him. See when I met him as I said before he was 22 and yes I know that he was a man then but he was just so young! We both were and it feels almost as if we have grown up together. We fell in love, married, endured that brutal first year of marriage, had children together, purchased our home together: we've just matured and grown together.

And I am just so proud of him.

He's one of those men that I have never doubted. He's always supported me, always taken care of me, and has always provided for us. Nick has a silent faith about him. He has an unshakeable faith in God that is so rare to find. He knows with everything within him that he can count on God. When I am upset about a situation he can just tell me to relax or to stop worrying and you know what? I do! Because he has such a resounding faith in our Creator and knows that He will work everything out that when he just speaks the words "don't worry about it" it reminds me of the verses and the promises God makes to provide and take care of his flock. We serve a poewerful God and its a powerful thing when breathing simple words can put your wife's heart at ease.

So Happy Birthday Wit. I am so proud of you. I love you more than I will ever be able to clarify in speech or actions. Just know that I am an inperfect person with a perfect love in my heart for you that God has supplied. He did after all create us for one another. Happy Birthday, you deserve it :)
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