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We were at my Grandma's house yesterday where she got a new sink. Emma went in to use the bathroom and I was teasing her, whispering to her "make sure you say something about her sink." So she went in and still had the door open and in this big voice slowly says "IMPRESSIVE!" I just thought that was the funniest thing ever.

I've got to tell you that sometimes being a mother is rough. And those sometimes seem to be coming and me more and more frequently. A few weeks ago I had an all out meltdown with Nick as he's been sick, the children have been sick, heck, the dog is sick. You work and work and work with no breaks, no stops in the clutter piling up. Good grief its like the 7th year of Viet Nam when it just got ridiculous. So I am really looking forward to our vacation coming up. I can't wait to sit on a beach with the love of my life and talk about our wedding 7 years ago.

Calvin has been sick. Sick, sick, sick. Emma had been sick and here's how Emma does sick: she developed a fever of 102. She laid in bed, complacent with looking at books all day in bed, fever broke 24 hours later, the next day had a little cough but was ready to get up and go. Here's how Cal does sick: Cal gets sick with a 102 temp...24 hours later he still has it only now things that looked like mosquito bites are becoming silver dollar sized welts all over his body. He's non responsive lethargic. Temp is unmoving. Wakes up screaming and clawing at his skin. 2 days later renderings of the welts still linger even after the fever breaks and now we have a red, sandpaperish rash all over our face. And even though we haven't seen a seizure, mom still holds her breath. Bad cough, we lose our voice. A week later we are still barking like a seal and can barely talk. Ugh. My poor little man. And I don't know if he can't hear (before you exude advice he is negative for strep and we did have his ears looked at which were fine) but I can't understand a word this guy is saying. Its like we went back 3 months over night. I pray he starts talking normally because I am frustrated and he is frustrated which means that he is back to being violent with me: hitting, biting, pinching, grabbing, smacking...which again means mom is frustrated.

Did I mention my Aunt Jan is back in town? This makes me so, so happy. I think she's my mom...shhhh, I really do. Some deep family secret or something. A kindred spirit is what I consider my Aunt Jan. Anyway we are having oodles of fun gabbing and catching up and eating in Shipshie. Which by the way if you call it that Emma will then say "wana" as if you are a dumb stupid person who cannot say anything right to save your life.

I am writing again which makes my soul soar and my heart palpatate like it is going into arrest. I've had to have my deadline extended before I even got started...yikes I hope this one isn't a doozy. I'm thinking of branching out into maybe a larger group of magazines or maybe some promotional writing for products. I guess I can always fall back on resume writing as I am freaking awesome, fo sho, fo sho. Ha! But really, do I have time? Yes I know that sounds lame but unless you are a mother you don't get it so don't judge me. Also if you are not a writer than you definitely don't get it. If there is one thing I've learned its that it is much, much harder than it looks.

Anyway I think that is it for now. Now you know a teeny bit about my life and that's all you're getting right now, so :P
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