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Today was such a doozy of a day with Mr. Calvin. Oh boy that boy is such a boy. It is just unbelievable. Two days ago I told Cal to go wash his hands and a few minutes later I heard water hitting the floor. He evidently found it appopriate to fill one of his galoshes with water and dump it on the floor. So he had been disciplined for that and I thought we had an understanding that we don't dump water on the floor.

That is until this morning when he was washing his hands and yet again I hear water falling. He found that if you turn the water up really hard and have it bounce off your arm it will spray all over the floor. Fun, right?

So again he got into trouble. We had a lot of discussion about how to wash your hands. So at dinner time he washed his hands properly and I cheered. When I was clearing the dishes I heard him quickly wash his hands and I cheered from the kitchen. Then I went into the living room and found that he had soaked the hand towel and was walking around with it dripping from the air. All I could say was "why are you doing this???" and all he had to say was "I don't know."

Errr this kid frustrates me. I thought it was over when I put him to bed. He has been crying at night so it was no surprise when he started up. But he kept crying. And screaming. So I went up there and what did I find? Not only had he taken his diaper off but he also decided to empty the entire contents of his bladder all over everything...ugh.

I am so frustrated with him and at the same time I am somewhat in awe of how much of a typical boy he really is. I am trying not to but I am wondering if this is spite coming out. You know maybe he thinks, well you yell at me I'm going to drag this cloth all over the house because she didn't tell me not to do this. And well you won't get me out of bed so I'll just pee all over everything and then you'll have to get me out of bed. I know that's terrible for me to think as a mother but there are times I just can't come up with any other reasons why he would be doing all of this.
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