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Its Come Back to Bite Me...

First of all I must say that I love Nicholas more than anything. I always pick on him in fun and love. That being said I always tease Nicholas. I find myself saying things like "Ooh look at me, I'm Nicholas. I think I'm sooo cool. I am just the cutest man ever." Of course I am just picking on him and of course I really do think he is cool and cute.

A couple of days ago Nicholas was watching Food Network when the children came down from nap. They wanted to watch Caillou and Nick told them that he would change it in a few minutes when his program was over. I said my usual spastic comment about reminding him to make sure the commercials are appropriate (seriously, commercials are getting C.R.A.Z.Y!!!)

Anyway I was in the other room and we hear this from Emma "ooh look at me I'm Nicholas. I don't let my children watch Caillou so I can sit and watch commercials. I'm Daddy, I like watching inappropriate commercials." Nick and I could do nothing but laugh. Nick was crying, he was laughing so hard.

Needless to say I've stopped chiding him :)
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