Super Busy at Home

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The Weekend

Here are the kids. This weekend we went to Nick's Grandma's house for a belated Mother's Day celebration. She lives on a lake so the kids did a lot of fishing and we went for a boat ride which the children just relished! Above is a picture of the kids walking to the shore together...aren't they just so cute together?
Here's Cal ready for anything

Here's Emma playing with plastic worms or "nightcrawlers" as she would be sure to correct you with if you called them worms.

My whole purpose in life all snug on a couch...

And here I am with curly hair. You'll have to let me know what you think. With how humid its been it has been a beast to straighten it so I thought to heck with it, we are going au naturale. I think I like it and I think its cute. More importantly as I near 30 I am beginning to not care if anyone else likes it or not (aside from Nick :) ). Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!