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This has to be one of my favorite pictures ever! How happy is this guy? This was
Cal's first Christmas so he was about two weeks shy of being a year old.
As mentioned in the previous post we basically fired Cal's old therapist. That being said Cal hasn't had therapy in probably a month's time. In that time Calvin's language has taken off in that he is gibber-gabbering and starting to put words together.
Yesterday we met with Cal's new therapist and I am just so, so excited. He looked over his old paper work and talked to us and then gave us his opinion. He said that he does see some Apraxic tendencies but he doesn't think Cal has severe apraxia at all. He thinks in the last 3 weeks he has basically healed himself. He said he thinks he can have him having conversations by August. Then he proceded to appologize that we have been put through all of this.
He said that his main goal is to get his language up to a level so he can enter school and preschool as a normal kid and not need any special classes or have to have any labels. You all know through reading this and talking to me that one of my huge concerns outside of him needing to be in a special needs class is that he won't be able to read or write or will have a delay. He said that in the fact that Calvin has two highly educated and caring parents, he doesn't think that will be a problem at all.
I am just a little in shock and awe...speechless is one way to put it. I have had so many tearfilled nights. Just last Sunday we took the kids to the park and Calvin was trying to show a little girl his shoes (because he has the light up buzz lightyear shoes). He kept pointing and saying "aka, aka" and she just looked at him like "I have absolutely no idea what you are telling me". My eyes filled with tears as I felt like this was just the beginning of him not being understood. Now I feel like this might be the end. Oh and by the way, Cal was thankfully clueless to this little girl not knowing what "aka" meant because he started stomping, so she started stomping and that became the new thing to do.
I am not sure if Cal was healed or if he was just late in talking. He still isn't talking in words anyone can understand and I am leary to believe he will be telling me how the weather is outside by the end of summer, but I am believeing and here's what I do know: I know that God made Calvin just perfect. Absolutely perfect. I believe he has such big plans for him. And I believe God has his big strong hands around him, loving him and comforting him at the end of each day that he goes to bed frustrated that we couldn't understand what he wanted. That's what I know.
So we are very thankful and hopeful that we will be sending a completely normal little boy to preschool next year! Thank you Lord!
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