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Tuckered Out

I had to share this photo with you because it is so stinking cute! As I mentioned Cal loves, LOVES Toy Story right now, especially Buzz Lightyear. We got this book from the library and its kind of a dictionary of the movies, but anyway, he makes me read from it every night (only the pages that have Buzz on them) and then he begs me to leave his light on so he can look at the book until he falls asleep. I went in to turn off his light last night and this was what I found. Isn't he just too precious? Not only the book but I also love that his Buzz Lightyear figure (that we can't go anywhere without and I spend who knows how many minutes searching for each day) is jammed under his head and shoulder. He doesn't mind. As you can see he has also stopped clinging to the side of his bed (all of the time!) in hopes that he won't fall out of bed. He just makes me smile.

Today is hot! We went for a family walk to the park and fed the baby ducks. The kids loved it. Then we came back and played in the sprinklers. I was hoping to have some cute shots to show but Cal seemingly hates the water so no pictures were had...I ended up trying to coax him in the whole time.

Happy Monday!
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