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Me and Summer...of sorry, Summer and Me

I am 28 years old now. That is close to 30, in case you were wondering. I have always heard that when you turn 30 you begin to have the better version of yourself emerge...the self that doesn't care so much what other people think, the person who is braver and willing to try new things because you realize life is 33% over. I think I am beginning to understand that part of turning 30.

You see, Summer and I have never really gotten along. It has never been my favorite season. When I was a kid it was always so stinking hot and we didn't have air conditioning. When I was a teenager summer meant having to have a job and again, be hot. When I was in college summer meant being apart from Nicholas, which was gut wrenching in itself but also meant that I was either in classes ALL day long or working. After college and since having kids it has meant heat, slathering bug spray and sunblock on four bodies everytime we are outside and giving bath after bath.

Well that all ended this year.

This year I am not going to be hot in a long sleeved shirt because I don't like my flabby arms. I would rather be in a tank top disgusting all of you and be happy then be hot and cross with my children because of it. This year I will embrace the popsicle sticky hands around my neck and the tummies with blue popsicle juice dripping down them. The dirtier the children are the happier they are and the more fun they must have had. This year I am going to be spontaneous. Dips in the pool, playing outside, garage saling, going to the beach, all will be done on a whim, not with intensive planning and devising and list making (by lists I am speaking of going to the beach, not going outside, ha!).

I want to be the fun mom. The mom who stops everything to eat zerbert on the front porch instead of hurrying to get the to-do list completed. My kids will remember having fun, not that I made them change into the perfect outfit or packed everything before rushing off to have an adventure.

So I am looking forward to this summer. On my front door I have an uppercase living saying that says "Summer is the season of life" and this year it really does feel that way because I feel God has given me a new perspective and a new look on life.
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