Super Busy at Home

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Do you know what put this goofy smile on my face? This...
An empty dishwasher! This afternoon I came home from my run (hence the disgusting-ness of myself in above picture, but I don't care, its my blog so I can post gross pictures) and was DREADING unloading the dishwasher! I HATE unloading the dishwasher. Anywho I pulled it open and to my surprise my darling of a husband had unloaded it while I was picking Emma up from preschool! He got up (he worked last night and tonight) to play with Cal and unload my dishwasher apparently. I am one lucky lady for sure!

Tonight after dinner we made Puppy cookies which was a recipe from a cookbook my rockin' hot Aunt Jan gave Emma for her Birthday. I made the chocolate chip cookies ahead of time so they could make these with them. Aren't they darling? You can tell Em's really proud, such a sweetheart!

Poor Cal didn't really understand. He tried to eat each part of the cookie when we were putting them together. I kept him from doing it because Iknew he would be crushed if he didn't have the same end product as Emma's so this picture is him devouring his once I gave him the signal to go!

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