One of those days...

Today was one of those days that I hope the four of us remember always. It was just silly and perfect. We woke up this morning and decided it was high time we went to Shipshewana! So we went to our favorite place for breakfast. The kids ate wonderfully! I was shocked and so happy! They kept asking for more food off of our plates. For those of you who hang with us you know I am always secretly guilty whenever I take the children somewhere because it means they are slowly starving: they refuse to eat when we are away from home! So I was very happy that they decided to chow down-and fruit was what they ate the most of...hooray!
After that we went on to this shopping center that has a carousel on the top floor...the kids LOVED it! Emma kind of remembered it from the last time we were there; Cal I am sure had no recollection of the thing but as soon as we got there he just stopped and stared at it. You can tell from their faces that they were happy campers!
We had bought them suckers that morning so on the way home we let them have it. They were those giant ball suckers that stick in the wooden tree know what I mean, right? Anywho, Emma had hers gone in about 10 minutes (silly girls a cruncher) and Cal put his anywhere you can imagine. He decided to rip off his shoes because how fun is it to rub your sucker inbetween your toes? He is hilarious in that way that he makes me laugh and all I can think is "what is going through this kids mind?" He's got some type of plan in there. SO cute. So a bath was inevitable for them both by the time we got home.
It wasn't anything special it was just one of those morning where God gave us a beautiful day and we took full advantage of it with our little family.
I also have to tell you that Emma came into our room this morning and this is what she said..."I tried to walk like a normal person in my slippers but instead I decided to walk like Grandma Jean" how hilarious is that! She has the same kind of slippers like my Grandma so I guess she assumes she is destined to walk like her...too cute. And then she was saying "see look" as she paced back and forth on my side of the bed, shuffling her little slippered feet so I could see how she walks...she is so funny.
A Giblet fell off my Croc this evening in Emma's room and this really just bugged Cal to no end. I found him in my closet going through my shoes to find my crocs, which I was wearing. I was just pretty impressed that he found that thing lying on the floor and somehow knew that it was from my shoe. He is one smart little cookie.
We talked all day about how this was the day Jesus died on the cross for our sins. That's some powerful stuff there folks. Emma looked like she was about to cry so I think she is starting to understand that. I don't know if I ever will. God sent his son to die for me, ME, so I can live an eternal life with God. He sacrificed His son to pay the debt to the devil for my sins. Wowwie-zowie. I am one blessed girl to be loved by my God.
Happy Easter to you. May you feel God smile on you as you know how much He loves you.