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A Rainy Saturday

Today has been a completely rainy day. We had to skip the zoo because of it but were still able to make it to the library and to the Farmer's Market. We also have had a lot of time for cuddling and napping around here. Oh God, thank you for our little family!

Tonight my sisters are coming over to watch the children so Nick and I can go on a date. We have been married for close to 7 years now and I still get giddy when we go on a date. I take forever getting ready, I don't know what to wear. Patiently he waits, even though he's seen me all day and knows everything in my wardrobe. Still, he waits. He makes me laugh. I ask him to explain the homeowners policy to me one more time. We order. We laugh some more. I inevitably will get sauce on my face, he'll wipe it off. We laugh some more. We hold hands out to the parking lot. He will open my door for me (making up for our first date when he did NOT open my door, surely!), and we will laugh.

A lifetime of laughing, loving, and being with this man will be in my heart when I get to heaven. I rejoice in knowing we will be together for all eternity...our little family.

Happy RainyvSaturday to you!
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