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Organizing Confessions

As mentioned in a previous post I have been working my way through a home organization book, trying to get this place in ship shape. Ugh is all I have to say.

I have been freelance writing and I think I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew this time. Deadlines are looming and I have nothing done. This week is Easter week and I am cooking...yikes! Plus this is one of those suck-ville weeks that Nick has to work basically every single day. God, please be with us and help us!

Anyway as you can see I am a busy gal this week which freaks me out that the house is going to begin to look distressed. I will have to give you the 411 on how all of that goes after this week...if I make it past this week! :)

As I was saying I have been working on this organization thing and here is the enlightened notion that has come into my head: I clean the house like I have ADHD. Its true! I was noticing today how I do things. Here is one example: I found a piece of the kids Memory game shoved underneath the buffet. It isn't something that you know I walk over and should have been put away ages ago and I chose not to. Kuddos for me about that but I should have been more thorough when helping the children put the game away in the first place...ADHD number one. So I get the piece out (or unstuck off the swiffer as the case may be) and am going to put it away. Here's the shocker though...I don't put it away. Nope. I take it over to the shelves that the games are on and leave it there. Why? Why do I do that? Do I think the box will magically open up and swallow the game piece that should be inside?

Lazy, distracted, too busy, whatever the reasoning may be, I am noticing that this is the reason that the house is all aflutter. TONS of stuff is on the stairs just waiting to go upstairs where it belongs. But the question is why don't I just take it there when I am putting it away. You know, finish the thought.

See the book touches on this. It talks about not just leaving the mail on the foyer table like I do. It talks about to bring it in, sort it, do with it what you need to and then you are done and you don't have to pick it up to do later. Ta-da! Isn't that a grand idea?

Do you struggle with this too?
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