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Check out these weirdos

I just had to post this because it made me laugh and we can all use a laugh once in a while, right? I was flipping through our pictures and saw this and I though, "oh, I don't look too bad" but then look at my company! Nick poor guy if you will notice has a huge gash on his head. From what you ask? Well if you are missing excitement in your life try bashing yourself in the head with a crow-bar...he had such a goose egg but now it is just a teeny gash, thank GOD! But you pair that with a shaving incident he had that morning and the guy looks like a walking case of leporasy (sp?) or something. Then ther's Calvin, or should I say a drunk Simon Baker. What did we give this kid? He looks like he should be sitting at a picnic table somewhere with a cigarette in one hand and one of those old cans of beer from the 60' know what I am talking about...those pictures you see of your family members and think "oh nice, really nice." Poor guys, I am picking on them. You know, they usually are adorable and I look like death hung over or a pig with lipstick on...oh how the tables have turned boys..muahhhh (this is my evil laugh by the way!) Happy Tuesday!
*Disclaimer: I am madly in love with these two men and am idly teasing them through no fault of their own. Promise. Its true, I'm just picking on them. Besides Calvin (and possibly Nick) can't read so its okay. :)
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