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Breaking Out of the House

With all of this warm weather God has blessed us with we've been able to venture outside and make some WONDERFUL memories. I feel like the luckiest girl with Nick beside me pulling a wagon full of lovely children and the sun shining on us while I walk Lucy.

This was a picture of the children during their first ride in their new wagon! This was a Christmas gift from Auntie Bean and Uncle Mark and boy howdy do they love this thing! It is also super easy to pull! Everyone stopped us to comment on how cute Emma was with her bow and how cute Cal was in a Batman costume. Aren't they too cute? You can see they were having a great time!
Calvin painting

Emma painting was a BIT too cold for flippies :)

These pictures are of the children playing with their new chalk painting was a Birthday gift for Cal and they have been itching to use it since they got it. They had a great time playing with it. It was fun to see them working together to paint. They also had a big bucket of sidewalk chalk that hadn't even been opened from last year! Woohoo!!! Hopefully that will last us all summer.
We are really looking forward to playing outside this summer. Our grass died, caput, this past year so we are going to have to plant new. But once it comes up I am sure that we will have a wonderful time. We are going to be completing our landscaping plans for our yard to allow for extra room for the children and Lucy to run around. We are probably about half way there.
Last year Nick transplanted a ton of our boxwoods and got rid of a whole row of landscaping for new grass. He also laid down our new patio out back and built a jeep garage for the children's planes, trains, and automobiles! This year we are going to do away with some more of our landscaping to maximize our yard for grass and a dog.
Once the grass has grown we are going to see what space we have to plan out where a sandbox can go and maybe even a playground! I am super excited to see what Nick has in store for us...he lets me pick out the plants and he designs the space.

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