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Getting Organized

I've been reading the book shown above and it has really inspired to me to get organized. It put the idea in my head that just because your house is tidy doesn't mean it is organized. That is sooo true! Every single day of my life I struggle with not being able to find something or feeling frustrated that I can not get something done as timely as I would like. Don't get me wrong, I am somewhat organized for those of you who know me. I have the childrens toys organized in bins, I keep my table linens in an organized basket. But things that I deal with every day...the children's diaper bag, my closet, the kitchen, and the children's rooms those things that I have a hard time finding things and feeling on top of things. So I am going to try to become more organized. Hopefully in doing that our home will run more efficiently...hooray! I will let you know my progress as the days go on...I am so excited! :)