Love Them!

Here's the latest picture of our absolutely adorable children...don't you just want to eat their faces off? They are just so cute! I love them so much and I am so lucky to be their Mommy! They don't want anyone but me to be their Mommy and that is an amazing feeling!

How are things going on your end? Things here are going well. I was really proud of myself because I got my to-do list done yesterday! I am trying to make our home office upstairs on the third floor rather than where it is now which is in our guest room. So I think I have that almost all put together which is nice. I am excited about it because it is light and cute and cheery. I think I will be really happy up there. I am also excited with how it is set up that I have a somewhat L-Shaped set up with a desk that holds everything on one side with the printer and everything else, and on the other side is a big table for my workspace. I like that I can do officey kind of stuff on it or scrapbooking, gift wrapping, organizing, and what not. That was what I wanted was a big space I could do anything on and then have somewhere to put the stuff away and have the space clear again.

Laundry I have decided is an on-going process. I think I may have lost the battle. But I got some done and some folding done which to me is progress.

I got everyone called I needed to and the children and I had a lot of fun yesterday.

Today Emma is going with her Grandma down to her house and I think they are going to be doing a little bit of scrapbooking! How fun does that sound? Cal and I will have time alone together and I am hoping he will take a good nap for me (please note that I am not counting on this. at all. )

Have a good day!