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You Give Me Fever

Since my tiny little baby has turned two geesh how I have had some baby fever. Errr that is frustrating! I love the baby smell and the baby feel and the baby nuzzle. But then I guess I can remember how I don't miss the having to lug 25 pounds of gear every single place I went. I think of how tiring the days were after being up all night long scared to death the they wouldn't make it through the night with their little coughs and raspy breaths. I think of how awful I felt after my I felt I was going to die right then and there. I think back to had I had zero time, scratch that and make that a negative amount of time, to get anything done...showering, cleaning, talking, thinking, sleeping, eating, working out, laundry, anything.
Once I think of those things then the fever of baby want seems to be reduced and I can look around and be happy for the way things are. I am happy I still have a little boy that loves to snuggle into me. He is all to eager to offer a chubby little cheek for kisses and I can still get both of my children to giggle with even the most gentle tickling.
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