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So long tree

We undecorated the Christmas tree this afternoon and now it is sitting alone out on the curb. I hate undecorating the house. It always reminds me that Christmas is over and that sucks! This was the first Christmas that we all could enjoy and now it is over. I know, I know I am being silly. But it is over and again...sucksville.
However I am super excited that I got a kicking deal on some Christmas gifts for next year and that has gotten the ball rolling for me thinking of other things that I could get people.
Plus I found a super cute sweater turleneck for only $5.00. Can't beat being super cute for 5 bucks, right? Let's see what else happened today. Calvin was super snuggly on his way home from the car and I just ate it up. After all I was making an apple pie at this EXACT time two years ago (time is 8:31) when I went into labor. Don't worry...Nick made sure I had the pie done and in the oven before he would take me to the hospital. Heehee. Don't you just love him?
My new slippers came and I love them! My new shoes came and were too big but my sexy knee length, long sleeved nightgown came and I heart that thing to death. So good day. How about you?
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