As I was putting groceries away last evening I had to stop and marvel at some things: the way an avocado feels so firm in my hand and then eases so gently when its ripe. the shape of a mushroom, the smell of strawberries.
I think sometimes I am moving so quickly that I forget to notice and to thank God for the beauty in even the simple things. I need to focus more on the simplicity of everything rather than wanting more and better things.
Make sure you stop and enjoy the simple things in your life. Here are some of the simple things right now I am thankful for:
Nick's smile when I kiss him goodbye
The soft breath of Calvin and Emma on my cheek when I check on them at night.
The smell of strawberries (again I know, but I can't get over it)
The peacefulnes that a snowfall brings

What are the simple things you are thankful for?
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