I could use some prayer

Please be praying for me. Tonight is Sunday and tomorrow I have the day off. We are pretty positive that I will be putting my notice in at work when I return on Tuesday. Things around here have been kind of bad. When we thought the only way Nick would return to work was to move, Nick promised Emma that when he went back to work Mommy would get to stay home. Because that isn't true (yet) Emma has cried every night, woken up in the middle of the night begging me to stay home, and even woken up when I am leaving to try to get me to stay home.

Friday was my breaking point. I had a realization at work between looking at my agenda and calling our hospital that I was going to need time off. Time off I was pretty darn sure I wasn't going to get. When I got home I came to two notes from Emma's preschool. One being that our parent-teacher conference was in the morning in a week and she was having a field trip. Two more things probably not going to get time off for.

On top of that when I called the hospital to find out about Calvin's appointment, they wanted me to start setting up his occupational therapy appointments. And I couldn't. I didn't know when I was available and when Nick was available and on and on. I mean, I am putting off Calvin developing because of this stupid, stupid job. I am sick of it. I don't make enough for this to be worth it. I am missing out on my children's childhoods and those are things that will never, ever be back once they are gone.

And so I beg you for prayer. I want to make sure I am doing God's will. Gosh it feels like it but I want to be sure, you know? Please pray. please comment with your opinions, I could use them. And a huge thank you in advance! :)