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So after listening to a about a half hour story of why I should let my husband begin chewing again (tobacco, not food as he always does that)...I am here to say that it is not allowed. I seriously almost dumped him when we first started dating because he lied to me about this...and here we are back at it. I see we've come first circle, great. He says hes stressed so he needs to. Here are a list of things you can resort to when you are stressed that will not cause me to divorce you:

A hot bath
a massage
a glass of wine
talking to your wife
talking to your wife
having a pet
having a hobby
talking to your wife
counting your blessings
talking to your wife

I think I have proven my point that there are other things that will alleviate stress other than chewing, which is gross and nasty. If I wanted gross and nasty I would have married that boy in the 5th grade that would pick his nose and wipe it on the side of the bus...ew and gross.

Thank you and good night!
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