Super Busy at Home

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6:19 in the am

Yes that is what time it is. I have laundry folded, bed made, house tidied, lunch made, dinner planned, workout done, and am now ready to go to work. Dragging my ugly old self out of bed at 4 am is nearly impossible but when it happens its amazing how much better I feel during the day simply because of all I accomplished.

Emma is sick today, please be praying for her. She woke up all through the night begging me to hold her. How can you say no to that? So I would scoop her up and rock her and rock her. Once she looked asleep so I stopped rocking. That's when she looked up at me and asked "are you EVER going to put me back in bed or what?" ah what a moment!

She is such an angel. Last night I was explaining to her that God designed her and made her just perfect. Her response? "I'm a bad girl, I'm not perfect, I have such a bad attitude". I think in trying to correct her in things we have made her feel like this, and I feel like such a bad Mommy! So things will definitely be changing around here, starting now. If you walked around feeling like a bad girl how could you help it but to not have a bad attitude?

Well that is it for now. Off to walk the dog. Hopefully all coyotes or wolves or vampires are hibernating. Yikes. Have a good day!
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