Sorry I have been so distant lately. In case you haven’t noticed, its Christmas time. I have been busy having tons of fun with my loved ones. I am refusing to let Christmas die already. Its still the Christmas season, by golly.

Anyway I have some HUGE news…Nick got a job! And he is actually really excited about it. Plus we don’t have to move and he should be making as much as he was before which is fantastic!

But I have noticed that I do this every time. When I have no control over anything I lean solely on God. I think “God will bring us out of this.” And of course he does because He is God and is amazing. But I give God the glory and praise Him for about 5 minutes and then I am off to go and worry. Yes God gave us a job but I am here worrying about “will we have enough money?” and “do you think we will be able to get that new thing I really want?” and yet here I am worrying…again. Its then I feel a little tap on my shoulder from God saying “um, excuse me? Remember me? Guy who’s brought you out of this crap? Yeah, I can take care of money stuff too. Its no big thing. Just trust” And there it is again, that word. Trust. I need to trust. Please God help me to trust. Please forgive me for not trusting you. Help me. Because even if I feel like we now are back in control the truth of the matter is that we never have any control. God...He has the control.

So those are the changes in our lives. God has protected us and brought us through the storm. That is something that will always be unchanging. I am hoping that this year though I can be changing and learn to trust that God will provide for us and keep us safe.
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