Super Busy at Home

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Sorry I haven't posted anything in a short little while! I've been super busy. With what Iam not quite sure. This weekend was my Birthday and I just want to climb on our roof and shout a huge "thank you!" to everyone who made it awesome. Every little thing made it wonderful. Nicholas pampered me to no end, the girls at work made me wear a tiara to be a princess, my BIL called me and left a sweet message, my MIL spoilng me rotten, my Aunt Jan sent me a little somthin' somethin', and everyone else...all of which was so appreciated and so surprising and wonderful! Hooray for all of you!

I volunteered to make cookies for the bake sale for Emma's school. Its Saturday which I thought, yeah, Saturday's still way out there...except I just realized I have to send them to school with her on Friday meaning I have to have those silly cookies ready THURSDAY NIGHT...Yikes! This is my first bake sale EVER and in my Bree Van de Camp style that I always annoyingly gravitate to, I want everything to be perfect. Errrr I hate that about me. So anyway I have been googling and researching most popular bake sale cookies and figuring out how to properly decorate those puppies.

All of this coming down to me telling you that I probably will not be blogging much this week. Or sleeping. Or eating anything but leftover frosting. Yikes again.

What's on your nightstand right now? There seriously are about 10 books on my nightstand, ranging from Apraxia, to the history of setting a table, which yes Marcy you can tell me later what a dork I am...I'm expecting it. :) And yes Aunt Jan I will totally write down the title of the book so you can read it too. And yes Jaime you can laugh at me and tell me how I'm being dumb...cute but dumb. Teehee, there's my shout out to some of the people I know who read this. Love you all!

So anyway I will try to write more starting next week. I think I might need a vacation sometime soon to reclaim my sanity!

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